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New User Registration - Closed

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 All new user registration has been disabled until further notice. As we transition our site to a new platform we want to eliminate the chance that we will lose users during the transition. This change will not impact any existing users.

 Thank you,

Admin Team. 

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 02 June 2015 23:58 )

Boker Plus Subcom knife - Video Review

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Boker Plus Subcom knife - Great little utility knife, that men and women will love!

The Boker Plus Subcom knife may be small, but it packs loads of utility in that compact form factor. The Subcom folding knife has a very friendly looking  blade, at 1 7/8" long and 1/16" thick. The AUS-8 stainless steel blade includes an ambidextrous thumb stud for easy opening. The reversible pocket clip and compact size of this framelock knife can even serve double duty as a money clip. Both thumb and palm index ramps provide for a secure grip allowing you to choke up on the blade for detail work. We highly recommend this knife. Buy it for your wife, girlfriend, or daughter. They will love it! Even better buy one for them and one for yourself!
 Click below on the Read more link to view the video...
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 11 March 2015 02:25 )

Liberal Fallacy #1 - We need to outlaw all guns.

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Liberal Fallacy #1 - We need to outlaw all guns and that would solve our violence problem.

Normally when Liberal Fallacies are brought up on Facebook, I get engaged. I try to reason with them with logic and facts. After sometime I have come to realize that this tactic won't work with people that believe guns are bad. That guns kill people and they are evil. Today, I only partially engaged because I have found that if I engage too much, I waste my time.

Last Updated ( Friday, 16 January 2015 02:43 )

Lightning OTF Knife - Video Review

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Lightning OTF knife, not as cool as some people think.

The Lightning OTF (Out The Front) knife is a neat little toy of a knife. This knife comes straight out of the package semi-sharp and ready to annoy anyone that is forced to hear you use the double-action mechanism to fire the blade out of the handle and then retract it back into the handle a thousand times or so. This is not a hard use knife, but it can be fun to play with. If you have other knives that you carry, and that are actually useful, then you should buy this knife as a toy. Otherwise, don't buy this knife. Any resistance will knock the blade out of alignment where it won't open and close properly anymore unless you put it back into its groove. The handle is advertised as aluminum, but I highly doubt that it is made from aluminum. The handle is probably made from pot metal or die-cast zinc. The blade metal is not listed, but it is probably a very cheap 420 stainless. 

I will never lie or exaggerate the benefits of a knife to try and sell my fans something. This knife is not as good as other reviewers state, but it is a fun little conversational pocket knife.
 Click below on the Read more link to view the video...
Last Updated ( Friday, 16 January 2015 02:29 )

Need a way to supply your Survival rations on the cheap?

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There is no better way to stockpile your survival food than with super couponing. Period.

I just wrote a book that can help you stock valuable supplies for you and your family for pennies on the dollar. The information in this book has literally saved my family thousands of dollars. Now you can use these same secrets to ensure that your family has food and water available when the unthinkable happens.

Learn how professional Super Couponers Justin and Tessa McNeal have saved thousands of dollars off of their grocery bill! Now in this step-by-step guide they explain exactly how they shop for extreme savings, and teach you all of the tips and tricks that they know about Super Couponing. Save your family potentially hundreds of dollars off the cost of your grocery bill each month with the information in this book. This book will completely demystify the process of extreme couponing and really help anyone that wants to do it.

Pick up Conquering Coupons today!


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 05 March 2014 15:10 )

How to build a solar still.

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How to build a Solar Still

Often we get caught up discussing the latest firearm, knife or other piece of equipment. It is important to remember that without knowledge and training that the best outfitted person would struggle in a survival situation. We need certain things to survive as human beings; shelter, water, and food.


Last Updated ( Sunday, 18 November 2012 23:51 )

ZK War Sword by KA-BAR - Video Review

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Zombie Killer War Sword from KA-BAR - A wicked beast to chop those zombie necks! 

A solid, good quality, full tang knife that is long on wicked looks, but a little short on utility. All things considered, this is a good knife for the money and I do recommend it. In case of a zombie apocalypse there are many better knives or swords out there, but this would definitely be better than nothing. The included Acheron skeleton knife would be handy for hacking up some steak at the old fire-pit or for performing delicate work that the big knife would be ill suited for. 
 Click below on the Read more link to view the video...
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 03 December 2014 20:13 ) 2nd Giveaway Promotion!

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Do you want to win some awesome prizes?

1. Gerber - Bear Grylls - Parang Machete!

2. A polo style shirt!

3. The Never Unarmed 6 disc DVD set featuring Mr. Lynn Thompson from Cold Steel! is having another giveaway to show appreciation to our great subscribers! You guys are the reason that we have been successful and we want to thank you for your support!


We really do appreciate everything that you guys and gals do for us. Please watch our videos, like them if you do, and ask your friends to subscribe! Every little action helps!


 We always want to hear from you so keep those great YouTube and comments and questions coming!


Our goal with this contest promotion is to get our channel up to 500 subscribers, and if we get our channel to 600 subscribers then we’ll give away an extra top-secret prize of our choosing. We will dive into the vaults to select it.  Contest lasts from March 23rd, 2013 to May 4th, 2013.


How To Enter


Go over to YouTube and subscribe to our channel today!


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 26 March 2013 00:08 )

NiteCore EC1 Flashlight - Video Review

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My brother-in-law in Japan is a flashlight fanatic. Unfortunately for him, the coolest flashlights are not available there or they are too expensive for the common man to buy. This situation proved fortuitous for me recently when he had me buy a couple of flashlights for him, and then ship them to him.

Before I shipped them to him, I did my duty for my readers and created some video reviews of these flashlights. I will present them to you here. Click on the read more link to view a larger video.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 31 October 2012 04:13 )
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